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Solid Waste Department
Billing Procedures

2014 Residential Solid Waste Fees
(Rural Latah County serviced by Latah Sanitation)


2014 Residential Rates
Roll Cart Monthly Fee Annual Fee
35 gallon $18.45 $221.40
65 gallon $22.50 $270.00
95 gallon $26.50 $318.00

Non Payment: Late fees are added to delinquent accounts. Balances may be added to property tax bill for collection (may affect mortgage payments).

Cart Exchange $18.00 (After 60 day trial period)

You will be billed a $5.00 fee for any waste outside the roll cart.

Solid Waste fees are calculated on an annual basis. Bills are mailed in December for the following calendar year. Fees may be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Monthly statements are not mailed for residential accounts. Payment books are available upon request as reminders. Automatic bank deductions can be set up and credit and debit card payments are accepted with a 2.5 % or $1.50 whichever is greater. Payments are due by the 15th of the month. Any account 30 days delinquent is subject to a monthly late fee of $1.00. Further collection actions may be taken on extreme delinquencies. Please make checks payable to Latah County Solid Waste.

We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card.

If a home is vacant, non-livable, or used for storage, a solid waste exemptions may be available. Applications may be obtained from the Latah County Solid Waste Office, or downloaded from the link below. An exemption must be applied for and approved in order to stop billing.

Landlords are responsible for notifying their occupants of all services available. If a tenant does not pay the solid waste fee the owner will be held responsible. The bill and any fees may be certified to the owner´s property tax bill for collection.

If you qualify for the State of Idaho Circuit Breaker Program, the County Commissioners have established a similar solid waste fee reduction program. The applicant must qualify under the same terms as the Idaho State Circuit Breaker program. Solid waste hardship exemption forms may be obtained from the Latah County Solid Waste Office, or downloaded from the link below. Clearly specify why you are requesting a hardship. Exemptions are decided by the Latah County Commissioners.

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