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  • Using a search engine is a process of entering one or more words related to a subject.  Therefore, try different words and different combinations of words.
    • Example #1- If you want to know if your garbage will be picked up on Thanksgiving day, try the words garbage and holiday.
  • If your search does not find what you are looking for try using words that are more specific or more general, or try using more or less words.
    • Example #2 - If you want to know when your tax payment is due, you could use just the words tax and payment, but the search would yield more information than you need.  Instead you could use the words tax, payment, due and date.
  • Make sure you don't have any typo's or misspellings.
  • Try variations of a word, like archive, archiving and archives.
  • Try related words.  For example, in addition to archiving you may want to try storage, vault, and documents.
  • Place quotes around two or more words if you are looking for a particular phrase, such as "court order".
  • For more help go to Google's search tipsGoogle is a one of many Internet search engines, but is popular, highly regarded and the search engine we use on this web site.

Note: Content on recently added pages, such as BOCC agenda and proceedings, may not be found by this search.