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Richard Skiles, Sheriff
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Latah County Courthouse - Courthouse Annex

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Sheriff's Office


The Field Division is most commonly involved with citizen interaction both in the office and in the field. Much of this Division's work is done away from the Sheriff's Office. The statutory duties of the Sheriff's Office is clear and includes: Preserving the peace, arresting and taking before magistrates all those who commit or attempt to commit public offenses, prevent affrays, breaches of the peace, insurrections and riots, to serve and document service and record service of all required legal process, to issue Concealed Weapons Permits, to issue Driver's Licenses, to work with the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement in the safe use of public highways, to safeguard and protect highway surfaces, to enforce livestock inspection, transportation and theft violations, to regulate traffic on all highways and roads including response to and investigation of wrecks, and to investigate all cases involving missing children.

This Division is responsible for patrolling over 200 miles of State Highway and over 1,000 miles of county roads. The total size of our county is 1,100 square miles.

The Field Division is responsible for the enforcement of all penal provisions and laws of the state of Idaho. This division operates a fleet of 18 marked patrol vehicles, six administrative and detectives' vehicles, and one special administrative vehicle shared by the entire department for special needs.
This year we asked for and received funding from the County Commissioners to purchase and equip five new patrol vehicles. This allowed us to reach a goal that we have been striving for, and that is to have take-home vehicles for all Patrol Deputies. This achieves several goals, with each deputy having a take home vehicle it will increase the life of the vehicles from two to three years, to four to five years. When we have an emergency call out the response time will be substantially reduced.

Community Contracts

The field division also staffs a full time position under contract with the city of Potlatch, a part time position under contract with the community of Genesee, and another part time officer under contract with the town of Kendrick. These deputies provide the smaller communities with fully trained and equipped officers who are in direct operational contact and have interaction with the Sheriff's Office. This service is provided at a savings to local communities over their costs to provide the same coverage, equipment, and training levels. The Sheriff's Office also assists the city of Troy and Police Chief K.T. Whiteley as requested and needed.

Chaplains Program

The Moscow-Latah County Chaplain program continues to be very active and all volunteer. The following is an aggregate report of the activities of 2000. All participants continue to be totally committed to participating on a volunteer basis to be available and to the extent needed.

The year 2000 brought some significant changes in the volunteer personnel. Pastor Dave McGarrah and Pastor Ray Roth both answered calls in their respective denominations to church callings outside of our area. Gary Young was elected to serve in the Idaho State Legislature. Pastor Jerry Nickles and John Scott continue to serve as well as a new but experienced Pastor at the Nazarene Church. Mr. Lowell Welker has done a lot of chaplaincy work in hospitals and fire departments with some law enforcement chaplaincy experience. Pastor Welker is a welcome addition and will be backing up Gary Young while he is serving in the Idaho Legislature.

The Idaho State Police Department finalized their Chaplain Policy and has initiated their Chaplain Program. We will be supporting District 2 (Lewiston) in the northern part of their district. Other chaplains have been recruited in the Lewiston and Grangeville areas. The above individuals have shared the responsibility of being available via pager or personal phone call on a 24 hour per day basis during their assigned "on call" status and at other appointed times.

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