Empire Disposal services Latah County accounts located in Farmington and the area north of Potlatch. Carts must be placed within 5 feet of the county or state road by 5am on the scheduled service day. Larger items must be hauled to a Bulky Waste Site or the Solid Waste Processing Facility.

Waste should be neatly contained in garbage bags. SHARPS waste must be in a secure, puncture-resistant container with remainder of garbage.

If garbage is missed or not picked up it will be serviced the following week. If your tote was at the designated place at the proper time and was not serviced please call Latah County Solid Waste Department to communicate the roblem.

Notify the Latah County Solid Waste Department if you have any questions or problems with your pick up service.

Collectors will notify you if there is a change in the pickup schedule. If roads are impassable, service will be on the next scheduled service date. If you have any questions contact Latah County Solid Waste Department. The Holiday Collection Schedule is printed in the Colfax Gazzette, or can be obtained from Empire Disposal at 509-397-3200.

2022 Empire Residential Rates
Roll Cart Quarterly Fee Annual Fee Paid by March 1st
35 gallon can (owner provides) $67.98 $271.92 $266.92
64 gallon $96.75 $387.00 $382.00
90 gallon $120.00 $480.00 $475.00

All accounts with extra cans or bags will be billed $5.25 per each item collected. Fees reflect charges incurred by Latah County.

Payments are due by the 15th of the month. Delinquent accounts are subject to late fees. Monthly statements are NOT mailed for residential accounts. Payment books and automatic bank deduction forms are available upon request. Credit and debit card payments are accepted with a 2.5% service fee.

Solid waste exemptions may be available if a home is vacant, non-livable, or used for storage. Applications may be obtained from the Latah County Solid Waste Office or downloaded from the Forms and Files section. An exemption must be applied for and approved in order to stop billing.

Landlords are responsible for notifying their occupants of all services available. If a tenant does not pay the solid waste fee the owner will be held responsible. The bill and any fees may be certified to the owner´s property tax bill for collection.