Solid Waste Department

Contact Information

Coordinator: Amanda Bashaw
Phone: (208) 883-5706
Fax: (208) 883-7218
Location: Latah County Courthouse - Room 104


Monday–Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2014 Events:

Roll carts have been delivered to each rural residence. The new service will began November 4, 2013 with a new start time of 7 am. Roll carts are the property of Latah Sanitation and are registered to each specific address via serial number and RFID tag. Roll cart sizes can be exchanged free of charge for the first 60 days of the beginning of service, after this time period there is an $18.00 charge for any exchanges.

There is a $5.00 fee for all additional trash (bags/items) outside of the roll cart. Lids must be closed to prevent disposal cost of water weight and littering problems. A correctly sized cart will allow for occasional extra trash. Garbage tags are no longer available for extra trash.

Tow-a-bin brackets are available at Latah County Solid Waste for $20 while supplies last. Brackets make transporting roll carts easy, see online at

For a copy of the brochure that will be delivered inside the roll carts please click the link below.

County Roll cart Collection Brochure

Special events and program changes will be announced in the Talking Trash newsletter.


Recycling Changes:

All E-waste (TV´s, monitors, CPU or tower and laptop/notebook) must be recycled at Moscow Recycling Center and are not accepted at the Bulky Waste Sites or Transfer Station. Residents may recycle these items for free and other e-waste for a charge at Moscow Recycling Center.

Costs prohibit the recycling of alkaline batteries. Please substitute rechargeable batteries.

Aseptic packaging no longer accepted at the Recycling Center or Rural Recycling drop-off boxes.

Shred Day, April 26, 9am-3pm at the old Tidyman’s parking lot, 1638 S Blaine Street, Moscow Professional shredding of confidential papers FREE for Latah County residents.

Tire Amnesty Day, May 31 8am-4pm at all Bulky Waste Sites & Moscow Recycling Center

Spring clean-up Month, For the month of April only the bulky waste sites will accept plastic, rubber and garbage.

Office Description

The Latah County Solid Waste Ordinance states maintenance and operation of the rural solid waste collection system shall be funded by assessment and collection of a fee imposed upon all premises in Latah County, except those located within the corporate limits of any city.

Under the supervision of the County Commissioners the Solid Waste office sets fees and negotiates contracts with government and private entities. Billing procedures and collection of fees are managed by the Solid Waste Department. We strive to resolve problems incurred by ratepayers with payments or with any of the services included.

Solid waste fees are Mandatory. Fees provide weekly driveway service, access to Moscow Recycling Center, Bulky Waste Sites, Household Hazardous Waste Facility, Solid Waste Processing Facility and the Compost Program. The Latah County Solid Waste Ordinance #229, Section 18, "Unlawful Disposal of Solid Waste" states: "It shall be unlawful for any person in Latah County to bury, dump, collect, remove, throw, discard, deposit or in any other manner dispose of solid waste other than into the Latah County Solid Waste disposal system, without first obtaining a permit therefore under the specific provisions for special permits." (see Special Permits, Section 27, Ordinance #229). Solid Waste exemptions are available in certain situations. Please see billing procedures section for more information.

The Latah County municipal landfill was closed in 1993, due to the Federal Subtitle D regulations adopted in 1991. This regulation stated that in order for Latah County to continuing to use the existing landfill site we would have to accept past, present and future liability. Therefore, the City of Moscow and the Solid Waste Advisory Committee recommended transporting municipal solid waste (MSW) out of Latah County. All MSW is transported to Arlington, Oregon. The local landfill, located at the Solid Waste Processing Facility on Highway 8 is for non municipal solid waste (inert demolition)