Kathie LaFortune

Kathie LaFortune
Latah County
District 1

Kathie LaFortune moved to Moscow in 1990 when her husband got a public school teaching job. The next year, they started a family and decided to stay. Kathie and Jim raised two active children who both graduated from Moscow High School and went on to college out of state. Emerald works for Share Winter Foundation and lives in Salmon, ID. Jasper is a teacher in Denver, CO. Kathie has one grand pup and a new 4 month old puppy named Theodore Edward Bear.

Kathie has been working in special education as a pediatric physical therapist for the last 36 years. She is currently employed by Gritman Therapy Solutions where she covers the contract for the Idaho Infant and Toddler Program. Kathie has been in every school in Latah County and down most of its gravel roads. She has a unique perspective on the joys and challenges of Latah County families.

Kathie has just completed her 1st term as Latah County Commissioner for District 1, and was re-elected to this position for a 4 year term. She is serving as the chair of the Board and is the county representative on a variety of local and state-wide boards and commissions. She loves living in Latah County and enjoys serving its citizens. When not working, you can usually find her somewhere up on Moscow Mountain trying to tire her puppy out.