Prosecuting Attorney

Latah County Prosecutor
Prosecutor Bill Thompson

The elected Prosecuting Attorney defends or prosecutes actions, applications, or motions in the District Court or Magistrate's division in which the People, the State or the County is a party. Along with the Sheriff, the Prosecutor functions as the chief law enforcement officer in Latah County. The Prosecuting Attorney is also the legal counsel for the Board of County Commissioners, as well as other elected officials and appointed boards and commissions of the county.

The Latah County Prosecutor’s Office handles State of Idaho felony cases arising in Latah County regardless of who the investigating agency might be. Additionally, we handle:

  • Misdemeanor and infractions cases where the investigating agency is:
    • Latah County Sheriff’s Office
    • Idaho State Police
    • Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • Juvenile cases regardless of the investigating agency
  • Child Protection cases
  • Involuntary mental hospitalizations
  • County civil legal matters

NOTE: The Moscow City Attorney’s office handles all misdemeanors and infractions (including parking citations) from the Moscow Police Department (MPD). If MPD is the citing or investigating agency in one of these cases, you should contact the Moscow City Prosecutor at 208-883-7003 or visit their site..

The Latah County Prosecutor’s Office does not have its own investigators. Rather, we rely on our law enforcement agencies to take complaint/reports and conduct the investigations. If you would like to file a complaint or make a report of possible criminal conduct, please contact the jurisdictional law enforcement agency. Examples include:

  • Latah County Sheriff’s Office at 208-882-2216
  • Moscow Police Department at 208-883-7054
  • Idaho State Police at 208-799-5151
  • Idaho Fish and Game at 208-799-5010

Our Services

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanor and Infractions Cases (State and County agencies)
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Child Protection Cases
  • Involuntary Mental Hospitalizations
  • County civil legal matters